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Subtitles is a very simple application that will find subtitles for your movies
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Subtitles is a plug-in for Windows Explorer that will allow you to find subtitles for your movies. This program will not add any entry to your list of programs. It will just add two lines to the context menu that appears when you press the right mouse button while pointing to a file: Look for Subtitles and Language Preferences. These two entries will appear only if the selected file is a movie, with any recognizable extension (such as .AVI, .MOV, etc.) By choosing "Look for Subtitles" the program will unfold a list of languages from where you can pick your preferred subtitle language. Once you click on your chosen language, the system will open the website using your default web browser, showing you the search results for that subtitle. "Language Preferences" is supposed to set a default language for your subtitles. But every time I tried to click on it, the program crashed. In brief, the program itself does nothing except adding an access to search for a subtitle into the developer´s website. Once there, the search engine will compare the your file´s checksum with those in the database, and will try to find the right subtitle.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • The "Language Preferences" option does not seem to work
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